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To maximise service life and reliability genuine Cummins parts are available for all engine types, including new and remanufactured parts.

Genuine Cummins Parts

Non-genuine parts may fit a Cummins engine – but they aren’t built or remanufactured using the same procedures or materials, to Cummins exact specifications. Genuine Cummins new and ReCon parts are guaranteed to fit right and work right. They include the latest upgrades in design, materials, and manufacturing technology — and are backed by Cummins with 100% coverage on parts, labour and progressive damage.

If you’re looking for the absolute best in durability, reliability, performance and long-term value, the choice is Genuine Cummins parts. Nothing works better or lasts longer.

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Genuine Cummins Parts - There is a Difference (English)

Origiální díly Cummins - Je to opravdu rozdíl

Cummins Originele Onderdelen - Er is een verschil.

Pièce d'origine Cummins - Une différence évidente.

Cummins original - teile - Es gibt einen unterschied

Ricambi originali Cummins - La differenza c'è

Originale Cummins- deler - Det er en forskjell.

Oryginalne części firmy Cummins - Jest różnica

Piese Cummins originale - Diferenţa este evidentă.

Genuine Cummins delovi - Postoji razlika.

Piezas Cummins originales - La diferencia existe.

Original - reservdelar från Cummins - Skillnaden är märkbar.

Orİjİnal Cummins Parçalari - Bİr fark var.