Digital Master Controllers and Switchgear

  • Cummins DMC packages available are - DMC1000, DMC1500, DMC8000

PowerCommand® Digital Master Controllers are designed and manufactured around standardised control blocks – delivering increased reliability, flexibility and performance. The Digital Master Controllers (DMC) provides seamless interface between the generator(s), PowerCommand® Controller (PCC), the site switchgear and distribution systems.

PowerCommand® digital paralleling systems from Cummins Power Generation provide more functionality and robust controls than any other paralleling system available today. From digital control of generator startup, synchronization and no-break power transitions to sophisticated diagnostics, remote monitoring and networkability, PowerCommand paralleling systems coordinate every aspect of the power system. In 10 seconds or less, PowerCommand digital paralleling systems can synchronize all diesel generator sets with each other and the utility. Based on a true distributed logic concept, the system features paralleling controls mounted on the generator sets, low or medium voltage power sections and a digital master control for performing supervisory functions.

All Cummins PowerCommand® Digital Master Controllers products are designed and manufactured to provide the highest reliability, efficiency and versatility.

  • Emergency & standby power
  • Prime Power
  • Peak Power
  • Distributed power
  • Cogeneration
  • Power Management

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