• Rating: 60 - 3300 hp (45-2460 kW)
  • More than 70 years of experience in the rail market
  • Over 13,000 Cummins rail engines in operation

Wherever there’s advanced rail technology, you’ll find Cummins power. Under the floor on Europe’s high speed passenger trains, or fitted on 20 ton grinders in the Far East, Cummins is on track with the most progressive rail companies in the world.

Cummins new railcar engines utilise low profile designs for use under the car floor, with access to service points from underneath the engine - not inside the passenger compartment. Reliable Cummins products designed for high load/hour operation across all rail applications with continued investment to comply to latest emission regulations.

Cummins has a wealth of experience in this industry. Recognising the unique modes of operation of rail equipment, Cummins can provide dependable power and aftermarket support for new and repower projects in high speed railcars, locomotives and track maintenance vehicles.

From the very first time you use your Cummins-powered equipment, Cummins provide an extensive range of products and services designed to meet the needs of your engine throughout its working life. Cummins continue to invest in innovation to reduce life cycle costs.

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