• Rating: 185 - 2500 hp (37 - 895 kW)
  • Meeting ultra low emission standards including Zone 2

Cummins provides durable, dependable diesel and natural gas engines for all areas of the oil & gas industry. From drilling to well servicing to transmissions, Cummins are there for you and your equipment.& Our power modules are developed with Cummins manufactured engines, alternators, turbochargers, filtration and emissions solutions components. Which is why Cummins is uniquely positioned to provide a total solution to our drilling customers as a true single-source supplier.

  • Land mechanical drilling applications – engines from 185 – 2500 hp. Power modules for land based drilling are designed and tested based on oil field customer requirements.
  • Engines for Gas Compression – naturally aspirated and turbocharge natural gas engines across a wide range of ratings. Click on the Cummins online gas analysis tool to determine the proper settings for your engine and site conditions.
  • Dual Fuel engines – Engines that provide impressive reduction in total fuel costs by using a technology that substitute’s natural gas for diesel fuel in the engine combustion process.

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