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There is a real difference in performance, reliability, durability and the value of engine parts. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to use original Cummins spare parts. Cummins continuously improves the performance of its engines. If any improvements have been discovered , they will be immediately implemented in the original Cummins parts. Original parts meet demanding Cummins guidelines, use state-of-the-art materials, implement state-of-the-art Cummins design and latest technology. They have a leading guarantee in their field and a Europe-wide service network.

Why only original parts?

Often the appearance is deceiving. This is especially true when it comes to particularly important engine parts. Although injectors can look similar, but on closer inspection you can see significant differences between a "matching" spare part and an original part of Cummins.

All original Cummins parts are designed to meet the Cummins guidelines required for each application. Differences in design, tolerances, craftsmanship and material quality used for non-genuine parts can lead to catastrophic engine damage.

Original Cummins parts offer:

  • State of the art Cummins design, latest technology and advanced materials
  • Improved engine performance and longer overhaul intervals
  • After Cummins original part guidelines built and tested
  • Avoidance of engine damage by non-original parts
  • Comprehensive warranty protection


At your local Cummins office or dealer, you can rely on trained and experienced spare parts specialists. You get the right parts and the best support and advice.


The availability of parts is as important as their quality. In addition to its own extensive warehouse, Cummins Service Support is supported by a large Cummins Global Logistic ( CGL ) center in Belgium. CGL has access to virtually every part of over 8 million Cummins engines.

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